Retention Pond Maintenance

One of the main devices used in stormwater management for our coastal area is the Retention Pond. They may seem like an amenity but their key functions are to prevent flooding as well as to remove pollutants from stormwater before reaching our sensitive, natural water bodies. Coastal Carolina Resource Group strives to keep these stormwater facilities functioning to their optimal level by offering the required routine BMP inspections/debris removal as well as a variety of chemical, biological, and mechanical application services.

General Maintenance / Inspections

Preventative maintenance is important with stormwater facilities as they are designed to handle large amounts of water and the debris associated with it. Coastal Carolina Resource Group strives to keep these systems flowing and functional by removing accumulated trash, chemically spraying invasive plants/algae, documenting potential problems and insuring all outlet devices are in good working order. Our monthly inspection reports are the best preventative measures you can get. We look for the little problems before they become large, expensive ones.

Fish Application

Coastal Carolina Resource Group utilizes biological controls such as fish and bacteria to help maintain invasive plants and unwanted muck, promoting a healthy aquatic environment.

Fountain Installations

Fountains provide multiple benefits such as aeration and aesthetics to retention ponds. Coastal Carolina Resource Group is a proud vendor of AquaMaster Fountains. We not only install fountains, we help maintain them by providing routine cleaning and light replacements. Visit their website to see all the quality products they offer. Please contact us if you're interested in a site visit and quote.

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