Madison Bullington -- Operations Manager/ Broker-Trask Land Co. Inc.

Coastal Carolina Resource Group/Nick Garner has always been a reliable source for stormwater pond maintenance. We rely on CCRG/Nick to keep our ponds in compliance with NCDENR regulations & have been more than happy with their quality of service. CCRG/Nick is very organized, efficient & timely with monthly reports. CCRG/Nick is always readily available by phone or email, which is a huge plus for us. His turnaround time, price and service is unmatched by anyone else we've worked with in his field.

Sue Rice -- Director of Operations

Coastal Carolina Resource Group has been maintaining the twelve retention ponds within the Mayfaire mixed-use project for nearly ten years. Not only is the company dependable, they are also thorough and provide complete, clear and concise monthly inspection reports. Whether it's a regular maintenance visit or an emergency repair, they stand behind their work.

Deanna King -- CAMS Management, Regional Manager-Brunswick County

Coastal Carolina Resource Group is a company you can trust. The monthly reports and pictures provide reassurance that you are in good hands. Additionally, the research the company provides when problems may arise is always beyond their contract scope but that is because they are passionate about what they do.

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